Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Captain Rex

All my boys LOVE legos (including hubby).  And they love Star Wars. So, what happens when boy #2 decides that for his birthday he needs a lego Captain Rex birthday cake?...  Mom has to get creatively awesome! 

#2 was thrilled to have the "coolest cake ever Mom!!!"

I simply googled "captain rex lego" and found an image, then with ruler, pencil and a huge eraser, sketched an outline pattern.  I baked my cake, put on a thin crumb frosting and then the blue base frosting and put it in the freezer.  When it was frozen solid I placed my outline on the cake and with a sterilized quilting pin, pricked little holes through the paper into the frosting all along my lines. This created just enough guideline on the cake so I was able to then outline and fill in (using pastry bags and a small round tip) with my buttercream colors.


  1. Coincidentally, I have a post set to go up in the morning with a picture of a Clone Trooper cake I had a friend make for our 5-year-old's birthday in October. I think you could actually appreciate it! Please stop by and take a look.

    I love what you did; I've never decorated a cake before, so I'm in complete awe at what you were able to do! Great job.

  2. Your cake ia absloutely beautiful! My son is turning 8 tomorrow and I am going to TRY to make him a cake based on your design. You did a wonderful job!